The World Over celebrates the World Tourism Day commemorated on the 27th.Septemeber of every year, Igongo Cultural Centre and Country Hotel one of the leading tourism attractions in the South Western Region of Uganda did not let the day pass unnoticed but instead invited and hosted His Highness King Oyo the King Of Tooro Kingdom, a prominent kingdom in the same region of the Country.

The purpose of the visit was intended to share some of the cultural attractions and artifacts showcased around the Igongo Cultural Centre and exhibited in the only museum of South-Western region most of which depict the close relationship between the two cultures of Ankole and Tooro , the two having been the most dominant kingdoms of the region.

The visit also revealed the great development plans the King has for his kingdom among them is setting up a similar cultural museum near his palace which would act to house great history, artifacts and the old regalia of the Kingdom, the museum when set up would benefit a lot from Igongo Cultural Centre through exchange programmes of curators, tour guides and researchers.

Among the places visited, in addition to the cultural centre, the king visited his longtime family friend Mr. Eric Rutahigwa also a neighbor and strong supporter of Igongo Cultural Centre, at his country home the king was taken to the beautiful Long horned Ankole cow farm thereafter retreating back to Igongo Country Hotel where he spent the night together with his team.

As a cultural centre, we peg our works on the existing and historical Kings and kingdoms,  having hosted a ruling King is one but a great achievement for the cultural centre. This is also evidenced through the style of naming of the structures and venues of the centre, a case in point is, part of the hotel rooms were built in form of cottage blocks, each cottage is named after one of the prominent and historical kingdoms of the region for instance Cottage 1: Buganda, this was officially opened by the current Prime minister of Buganda Peter Mayiga, Cottage II: Bunyoro, officially opened by the representative of the Prime Minister of Bunyoro Hon Charles , Cottage III: Burundi, a former kingdom neighboring Rwanda, Cottage IV: Bwera, also a former kingdom in Northern Tanzania and Southern Uganda, Cottage V: Karagwe, a former kingdom in Northern Tanzania, Cottage VI: Kigezi, a former chiefdom now covering Kabale and Kanungu districts, Cottage VII: Rwanda, now the modern Rwanda was also a great Kingdom under the reign of Rudahigwa, Cottage VIII: Tooro, still a vibrant kingdom under the reign of the youngest king at the time but ambitious and has an appeal to the modern demands of the time, one who will help balance between the needs of the current and the future generations.

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Compiled by;

Dennis Kamukama

Sales and Marketing Manager

Igongo Cultural Centre and Country Hotel.