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Discover the Heart of Ankole Heritage Located just 12 kilometers from Mbarara city center on the Mbarara-Masaka highway, Igongo Cultural Centre is a beacon of cultural heritage and luxury. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Ankole region, highlighted by the 1520 AD Biharwe Eclipse, a pivotal event that shaped the history of the Great Lakes region.

Explore Our Unique Offerings

  1. Eriijukiro Museum: Delve into Western Uganda’s largest collection of artifacts, crafts, and photos that showcase the traditions and history of South Western Uganda and neighboring kingdoms.
  2. Cultural Village (Itaramiro): Experience the traditional lifestyle of the Ankole people with recreated huts for cattle farmers (Bariisa) and crop farmers (Abahiingi), an amphitheater, and bonfire storytelling sessions.
  3. Biharwe Eclipse Monument: Trek to this historic site, enjoy a cup of tea, and take in the panoramic views that tell a story of resilience and heritage.
  4. Nkwanzi Crafts Shop: Find unique books on Ankole and Kigezi history and beautiful traditional costumes, perfect as souvenirs to remember your visit.
  5. Mpororo Courts: Explore artifacts from the late 18th-century Mpororo kingdom, providing insights into the rich history of the region.
  6. Health and Wellness: Relax and rejuvenate at the Humura Health Club, featuring spa services, a swimming pool, and a salon.
  7. Luxurious Accommodation and Dining: Enjoy our comfortable accommodations and savor both local and international cuisines at our on-site restaurants and bars.
  8. Event Facilities: Host your events in our state-of-the-art conference hall, which can accommodate up to 500 guests, making it ideal for workshops, meetings, and celebrations.

Experience Igongo Igongo Cultural Centre offers a unique blend of cultural immersion and modern luxury. Whether you're exploring the museum, participating in cultural activities, or unwinding at the health club, Igongo promises a memorable and enriching experience.

For more information and to plan your visit, explore our offerings and make a reservation at Igongo Cultural Centre.

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