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Cultural and Tourism Experiences

Explore the vibrant culture of Uganda at Igongo Cultural Centre. Visit the Eriijukiro Museum for Ankole artifacts, traditional huts, and the Biharwe Eclipse Monument.

Enjoy guided tours and village walks, and shop at Nkwanzi Crafts for unique souvenirs. Experience authentic Ankole traditions and performances in the Cultural Village. Igongo offers a rich, immersive cultural journey.

Cultural Experiences


Museum (Eriijukiro)

Discover art, crafts, and photos showcasing the norms, customs, traditions, and history of South Western Uganda and neighboring kingdoms.


Cultural Village

Explore traditional Bariisa and Abahiingi huts, a spacious amphitheater, and a venue for bonfire storytelling


Eclipse Monument

Trek to the Biharwe Eclipse Monument, sip tea, and enjoy panoramic views from this historic site.


Nkwanzi Crafts Shop

Visit the cultural resident shop for books on Ankole and Kigezi history, and buy traditional costumes at Nkwanzi Crafts.


Mpororo Court

Explore replicated items from the late 18th-century Mpororo kingdom, designed to enrich your historical knowledge and experience


Guided Trekking walks

Reenact tradition by trekking to the eclipse monument and visiting local attractions around Igongo. Guided tours offer firsthand experience of the regional lifestyle.


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